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‘Spinette’ cell stirrer  
‘Spinette’ cell stirrers offer the ability to simultaneously measure and stir the contents of specially designed cells (MS), see page 27. Mixing of so­lu­tions is with a tiny magnetic stir bar placed into a purpose made well at the bottom of the cell. A small electronic coil rotation assembly is placed under the cell in the sample compartment. This raises the cell by 5mm which, without affecting instrument operation may also reduce the required sample volume. The ‘Spinette’ will fit all standard spec­tro­pho­tom­e­ters cell holders.
The speed of rotation can be adjusted with the controller which is
connected to the electronic magnet by thin ribbon wire one metre in length. This will not interfere with insertion or removal of cells from the sample compartment and will also allow in­stru­ment covers to close normally.
‘Spinette’ cell stirrer

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