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Starna Disposable Cells

Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of Starna disposable cells.

Disposable CellsTwo sizes are available: 3.5ml (Standard) and 1.5 ml (Semi-Micro). All cells have a 10mm path length and are 45mm high, internal width of the Semi-Micro size is 4mm. Fluorimeter cells have all four sides clear.

The cells will fit all standard instruments and are packed in 5 styrofoam trays, each tray holding 100 cells. The trays have a tight fitting styrofoam lid, which protects the optical surfaces and keeps the cells clean.

Cell caps made from polyethylene which are easy to insert and remove but seal liquid tight, are suitable for mixing and storage.

Cell racks made from polyethylene that can accommodate 12 x 10mm cells vertically in firm recesses for preparation work, or 12 x 10mm cells horizontally for storage and protection. In storage mode the racks are stackable.

Polystyrene - usable range: 340 to 800nm
Catalogue # Description Volume Range (nm) Qty/pack
9002 Standard 3.5ml 340-800 500
9003 Semi-Micro 1.5ml 340-800 500
9012 Fluorimeter 3.5ml 340-800 500
Caps to fit all cells listed above
Catalogue # Description Qty/pack
9020 Caps 100
Cell Rack
Catalogue # Description Qty/pack
260 Cell Rack 1
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