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Starna Fluorescence Reference Materials
Molecular fluorescence spectroscopy is a sensitive and often selective technique, but unlike absorption spectrophotometry it is not an absolute technique and the instrument requires calibration before every series of measurements. This is most easily achieved by using a stable reference material which should absorb and emit at similar wavelengths to the samples of interest. Use of the general purpose fluorescent reference material set type 6BF enables the day to day stability of instruments to be measured. Fluorescence Reference Materials

The Starna 6BF reference materials are not standards with specific values, but a set of six stable fluorescent materials in a polymethylmethacrylate matrix with which, the stability and precision of the instrument can be monitored. There are four blocks with broad band spectra, which cover the normally used UV and visible region of the spectrum, with considerable overlap.

Two other blocks are included which contain materials suitable for illustrating the selectivity of the technique as well as checking instrument resolution and wavelength calibration.

The materials have the following advantages:
Robust: Unbreakable, easy to store and use.
Stability: No degradation, no evaporation
Safety: No chemicals to mix.

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6BF Fluorescence Reference Set with scan booklet

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