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Starna® - Starna Small Volume Flow Cells, wide window, push-on tubes

Starna Small Volume Flow Cells, wide window, push-on tubes
Starna Type 73.65

These flow cells are designed for optimizing the lowest volume for spectrophotometers with a wide beam geometry. The window dimension is 6.5mm wide x 11mm tall and centred in the light beam at either 15mm or 8.5mm Z dimension, depending on the requirement of your spectrophotometer. The inlet/outlet flow tubes are quartz tubes which are heat fused on the top of the cell which allows for simple and secure flow connections with flexible tubing such as silicone rubber, PVC or PTFE. The external dimensions of the cell are 12.5mm x 12.5mm (the same as an normal 10mm cell) which is the international standard and should be usable in most spectrophotometers.

Window material Spectrosil Quartz or equivalent, usable range: 170 to 2700nm.
Starna Catalogue Path Length Ext Width Ext Length Ext Height Sample Chamber Width Sample Chamber Length Sample Chamber Height 'Z' Dim. Nom Vol Polished
Number mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm ml Windows
73.65/Q/1 1 12.5 12.5 35 6.5 1 11 15 0.072 2
73.65/Q/10 10 12.5 12.5 35 6.5 10 11 15 0.720 2
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