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Flow cell tubing/connector M6

M6 Threaded ConnectorsThe M6 threaded connector plus Gripper fitting allows for the easy and secure connection of the flow cell into the pump/manifold plumbing of your system. The threading is standard metric M6 type which forms a tight seal when threaded into the top of the flow cell.

The M6 connector plus Gripper holds a PTFE tube firmly in place which seals tightly against the internal quartz surface of the flow cell. Using this design, your sample comes in contact with PTFE and quartz only.

This combination provides a leak- free connection with minimum disturbance to the fluid path and allows repeated connect/disconnect operation without deterioration to the sealing face. These fittings do not compress the tubing or twist it during connection.

Each connector is supplied with 40 cm of PTFE tubing. The dimensions of the supplied tubing is: 1.6mm OD, 0.8mm ID

Component Area Dimension
M6 Connector Total height, tall side 26 mm
M6 Connector Total height, short side 20 mm
M6 Connector Diameter 6 mm
PTFE tubing Outside diameter (OD) 1.6 mm
PTFE tubing Inside diameter (ID) 0.8 mm
PTFE tubing Total length 400 mm
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