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Photron - 1.5 inch Multi Element Hollow Cathode Lamps for direct use in AAS systems manufactured by: VARIAN, GBC, HITACHI, SHIMADZU, THERMO JARRELL ASH (IL), UNlCAM, SEIKO, and all other makes. Use in PERKlN ELMER instruments can be facilitated with the use of an adapter kit (P38-50)
Photron - 1.5 inch Multi Element Hollow Cathode Lamps

Element Symbol Part No.
Aluminium/Antimony Al/Sb P502
Aluminium/Manganese Al/Mn P501
Aluminium/Silicon Al/Si P503
Aluminium/Silicon/Iron Al/Si/Fe P505
Boron/Silver B/Ag P504
Cadmium/Lead/Silver Cd/Pb/Ag P549
Cadmium/Manganese/Chromium/Cobalt Cd/Mn/Cr/Co P510
Cadmium/Silver Cd/Ag P509
Cadmium/Zinc/Copper Cd/Zn/Cu P556
Calcium/Magnesium Ca/Mg P870
Calcium/Magnesium/Aluminium Ca/Mg/Al P506
Calcium/Magnesium/Copper/Zinc Ca/Mg/Cu/Zn P507
Calcium/Magnesium/Iron Ca/Mg/Fe P508
Chromium/Cobalt/Copper/Iron/Manganese/Nickel Cr/Co/Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni P873
Chromium/Cobalt/Iron/Manganese/Molybdemum Cr/Co/Fe/Mn/Mo P513
Chromium/Iron Cr/Fe P514
Chromium/Iron/Manganese Cr/Fe/Mn P515
Chromium/Iron/Manganese/Molybdenum Cr/Fe/Mn/Mo P553
Chromium/Iron/Nickel Cr/Fe/Ni P516
Chromium/Nickel Cr/Ni P551
Chromium/Nickel/Aluminium Cr/Ni/Al P557
Chromium/Nickel/Molybdemum Cr/Ni/Mo P517
Cobalt/Manganese Co/Mn P512
Copper/Cadmium Cu/Cd P519
Copper/Chromium/Arsenic Cu/Cr/As P520
Copper/Iron Cu/Fe P521
Copper/Iron/Chromium/Zinc Cu/Fe/Cr/Zn P523
Copper/Iron/Manganese/Nickel Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni P522
Copper/Iron/Manganese/Zinc Cu/Fe/Mn/Zn P524
Copper/Iron/Nickel Cu/Fe/Ni P560
Copper/Iron/Silver Cu/Fe/Ag P550
Copper/Manganese Cu/Mn P525
Copper/Manganese/Zinc Cu/Mn/Zn P526
Copper/Nickel Cu/Ni P527
Copper/Nickel/Silver Cu/Ni/Ag P528
Copper/Zinc Cu/Zn P872
Copper/Zinc/Iron Cu/Zn/Fe P529
Indium/Phosphorus/Silver In/P/Ag P534
Iron/Manganese Fe/Mn P530
Iron/Nickel Fe/Ni P531
Iron/Nickel/Manganese Fe/Ni/Mn P532
Lead/Arsenic Pb/As P539
Manganese/Nickel Mn/Ni P536
Mercury/Silver Hg/Ag P533
Nickel/Manganese/Chromium/Copper Ni/Mn/Cr/Cu P538
Palladium/Gold Pd/Au P559
Potassium/Nickel K/Ni P535
Rhodium/Silver Rh/Ag P540
Selenium/Silver Cu/Co P541
Selenium/Tin Se/Sn P542
Silicon/Molybdenum Si/Mo P544
Silicon/Silver Si/Ag P543
Sodium/Potassium Na/K P871
Sodium/Potassium/Nickel Na/K/Ni P537
Tellurium/Lead Te/Pb P546
Thallium/Silver Tl/Ag P547
Tin/Silver Sn/Ag P545
Titanium/Silver Ti/Ag P555
Tungsten/Silver W/Ag P554
Zinc/Silver Zn/Ag P548
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