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Photron - 2 inch Single Element Coded Hollow Cathode Lamps.
For PE instruments with automatic lamp selection.
Photron - 2 inch Single Element Coded Hollow Cathode Lamps
Element Symbol Part No.
Aluminium Al P901C
Antimony Sb P902C
Arsenic As P903C
Barium Ba P904C
Beryllium Be P905C
Bismuth Bi P906C
Boron B P907C
Cadmium Cd P908C
Calcium Ca P909C
Calcium/Magnesium Ca/Mg P970C
Chromium Cr P912C
Chromium/Cobalt/ Copper/Iron/ Manganese/Nickel Cr/Co/ Cu/ Fe/ Mn/Ni P973C
Cobalt Co P913C
Copper Cu P914C
Dysprosium Dy P915C
Erbium Er P916C
Europium Eu P917C
Gadolinium Gd P918C
Gallium Ga P919C
Germanium Ge P920C
Gold Au P921C
Hafnium Hf P922C
Holmium Ho P923C
Indium In P924C
Iridium Ir P925C
Iron Fe P926C
Lanthanum La P927C
Lead Pb P928C
Lithium Li P929C
Lutetium Lu P930C
Magnesium Mg P931C
Manganese Mn P932C
Mercury Hg P933C
Molybdenum Mo P934C
Neodymium Nd P935C
Nickel Ni P936C
Niobium Nb P937C
Osmium Os P938C
Palladium Pd P939C
Phosphorus P P974C
Platinum Pt P940C
Potassium K P941C
Praseodymium Pr P942C
Rhenium Re P943C
Rhodium Rh P944C
Rubidium Rb P945C
Ruthenium Ru P946C
Samarium Sm P947C
Scandium Sc P948C
Selenium Se P949C
Silicon Si P950C
Silver Ag P951C
Sodium Na P952C
Sodium/Potassium Na/K P971C
Strontium Sr P953C
Tantalum Ta P954C
Tellurium Te P955C
Terbium Tb P956C
Thallium Tl P957C
Thorium Th P958C
Thulium Tm P959C
Tin Sn P960C
Titanium Ti P961C
Tungsten W P962C
Uranium U P963C
Vanadium V P964C
Ytterbium Yb P965C
Yttrium Y P966C
Zinc Zn P967C
Zirconium Zr P968C
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