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Photron - 2 inch Multi Element Hollow Cathode Lamps.
These hollow cathode lamps are produced to provide direct use without adapters in all Perkin Elmer AAS instruments. All windows on these lamps are fully fused and contain no "gassy" adhesives which drastically reduce shelf life.
Photron - 2 inch Multi Element Hollow Cathode Lamps

Element Symbol Part No.
Aluminium/Antimony Al/Sb P602
Aluminium/Manganese Al/Mn P601
Aluminium/Silicon Al/Si P603
Aluminium/Silicon/Iron B/Ag P604
Boron/Silver Al/Si/Fe P605
Cadmium/Lead/Silver Cd/Pb/Ag P649
Cadmium/Manganese/Chromium/Cobalt Cd/Mn/Cr/Co P610
Cadmium/Silver Cd/Ag P609
Cadmium/Zinc/Copper Cd/Zn/Cu P656
Calcium/Magnesium Ca/Mg P970
Calcium/Magnesium/Aluminium Ca/Mg/Al P606
Calcium/Magnesium/Copper/Zinc Ca/Mg/Cu/Zn P607
Calcium/Magnesium/Iron Ca/Mg/Fe P608
Chromium/Cobalt/Copper/Iron/Manganese/Nickel Cr/Co/Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni P973
Chromium/Cobalt/Iron/Manganese/Molybdemum Cr/Co/Fe/Mn/Mo P613
Chromium/Iron Cr/Fe P614
Chromium/Iron/Manganese Cr/Fe/Mn P615
Chromium/Iron/Manganese/Molybdenum Cr/Fe/Mn/Mo P653
Chromium/Iron/Nickel Cr/Fe/Ni P616
Chromium/Nickel Cr/Ni P651
Chromium/Nickel/Aluminium Cr/Ni/Al P657
Chromium/Nickel/Molybdemum Cr/Ni/Mo P617
Cobalt/Manganese Co/Mn P612
Copper/Cadmium Cu/Cd P618
Copper/Chromium//Arsenic Cu/Cr/As P620
Copper/Iron Cu/Fe P621
Copper/Iron/Chromium/Zinc Cu/Fe/Cr/Zn P623
Copper/Iron/Manganese/Nickel Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni P622
Copper/Iron/Manganese/Zinc Cu/Fe/Mn/Zn P624
Copper/Iron/Nickel Cu/Fe/Ni P660
Copper/Iron/Silver Cu/Fe/Ag P650
Copper/Manganese Cu/Mn P625
Copper/Manganese/Zinc Cu/Mn/Zn P626
Copper/Nickel Cu/Ni P627
Copper/Nickel/Silver Cu/Ni/Ag P628
Copper/Zinc Cu/Zn P972
Copper/Zinc/Iron Cu/Zn/Fe P629
Indium/Phosphorus/Silver In/P/Ag P634
Iron/Manganese Fe/Mn P630
Iron/Nickel Fe/Ni P631
Iron/Nickel/Manganese Fe/Ni/Mn P632
Lead/Arsenic Pb/As P639
Manganese/Nickel Mn/Ni P636
Mercury/Silver Hg/Ag P633
Nickel/Manganese/Chromium/Copper/ Ni/Mn/Cr/Cu P638
Palladium/Gold Pd/Au P659
Potassium/Nickel K/Ni P635
Rhodium/Silver Rh/Ag P640
Selenium/Silver Cu/Co P641
Selenium/Tin Se/Sn P642
Silicon/Molybdenum Si/Mo P644
Silicon/Silver Si/Ag P643
Sodium/Potassium Na/K P971
Sodium/Potassium/Nickel Na/K/Ni P637
Tellurium/Lead Te/Pb P646
Thallium/Silver Tl/Ag P647
Tin/Silver Sn/Ag P645
Titanium/Silver Ti/Ag P655
Tungsten/Silver W/Ag P654
Zinc/Silver Zn/Ag P648
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