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Photron - 1.5 inch Boosted Discharge Lamps - Super Lamps.
The Super Lamp (patented) is particularly recommended for the following determinations in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy:
  • Elements with resonance spectra in the far UV where instrumental efficiency is reduced e.g. Arsenic and Selenium.
  • Elements with complex spectra, where the enhanced resonance line reduces the interference of background radiation, allowing the use of wider slit widths further reducing signal to noise. e.g. Nickel and Iron.
  • For determinations at or near the detection limit, in some cases a 10 fold improvement in detection limit can be achieved. This lamp produces intense spectra with narrow line widths and is available for a wider range of elements than EDL'S.
1.5 inch Boosted Discharge Lamps - Super Lamps.
Element Symbol Part No.
Antimony Sb P802S
Arsenic As P803S
Chromium/Cobalt/Copper/Iron/Manganese/Nickel Cr/Co/Cu/Fe/Mn/Ni P873S
Iron Fe P826S
Lead Pb P828S
Manganese Mn P832S
Nickel Ni P836S
Phosphorus P P874S
Selenium Se P849S
Tellurium Te P855S
Thallium Tl P857S

Please note, all of the above lamps require a secondary power supply - P200 - See Super Lamp Accessories

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