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Starna®: Sub-Micro Cells - volumes from 10 to 160 microlitre.
Sub-Micro Cells - volumes from 10 to 160 microlitreStarna Sub Micro cells allow you to use very small volumes - no adaptors required! The sample is placed in a "cell within a cell" where the sample maintains a 10mm path length for maximum sensitivity. The height and width of the window is then based on the actual sample volume. For a 40Ál volume cell the window is 2mm x 2mm. All of the face of the cell is black except for the window which further optimizes sensitivity. The top of the cell is open so that your sample can be easily inserted and fully recovered with a pipette.

All Sub Micro cells have the same exterior dimensions as a standard cell: 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 45mm high. The smaller volume means that the sample compartment must be placed directly in the light beam of your instrument. This is determined by the "Z Dimension" which is the distance from the bottom of the cell holder to the centre of the light beam.

When using aqueous samples please keep in mind that the cell volume is the geometric volume of the sample compartment. Since water forms a miniscus, you must overfill the cell by 10 - 15% to ensure that the sample fully fills the window of the cell. Most organic solvents do not have this requirement.

All Sub-Micro cells are constructed of Spectrosil far UV quartz. The usable range is from 170nm to 2700nm. All cells have 2 polished windows and are suitable for absorption UV/Vis spectroscopy.

Starna Catalogue
Z Height
Path Length Ext Width Ext Length Ext Height indow Width indow Height Geometric Volume Aqueous Fill Vol
Number mm mm mm mm mm mm mm microlitre microlitre
16.10/Q/10 8.5,12, 15, 20 10 12.5 12.5 45 1 1 10 15
16.40/Q/10 8.5,12, 15, 20 10 12.5 12.5 45 2 2 40 55
16.50/Q/10 8.5,12, 15, 20 10 12.5 12.5 45 2 2.5 50 65
16.100/Q/10 8.5,12, 15, 20 10 12.5 12.5 45 2 5 100 115
16.160/Q/10 8.5,12, 15, 20 10 12.5 12.5 45 2 8 160 175
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