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Starna, the world’s leading manufacturer of quartz and fine glass spectrophotometer cells and precision optical components.

Working together with the leading instrument manufacturers, we design and manufacture cells to satisfy the ever increasing and varied needs of the scientific community.

The origin of the optical skills available from Starna can be traced back to the earlier part of this century. The co-founders of Optiglass Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Starna international group of companies) manufactured specialised optics and during the early 1950s, utilising their optical expertise, had already developed the technique necessary for manufacturing the first ‘fully fused’ form of spectrophotometer cells.

Using only optically guaranteed raw materials and working to the highest optical and physical tolerances, all Starna cells, unless specifically designed otherwise, are manufactured using the ‘fully fused’ method of construction. This technique, pioneered by the skilled craftsmen who produce Starna cells, ensures that the cell windows which have been optically polished, are joined to the polished wall ends by the use of heat alone without optical or physical distortion of the windows.

There are no intermediate or adhesive materials used in the construction of ‘fully fused’ cells, therefore they are completely homogenous and permanently resistant to all solutions other than those which attack the raw materials.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: 100% guaranteed replacement or refund.

FREE MATCHING: Cells ordered in multiples will be matched at no charge. If you order a large quantity of cells we will make every effort to match the entire set, however, sets of two and four will always be matched. Cell Matching

CUSTOM MADE: Specialised cells and optical components manufactured to customer specifications.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: A dedicated technical applications and development team is ready to answer questions and investigate individual problem areas as well as help in the design of custom cells.

STARNA REFERENCE MATERIALS: A complete range of NIST traceable reference materials is available from Starna for UV/Visible Absorption Spectrometry.




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