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spacer Spectrophotometer Cells
Cell spacersand inserts Magnetic stirring
spacer Cell holder short path Length
spacer Cell holder, Long path length
spacer Cell compartment spacers

spacer Quartz block inserts
spacer Spinette cell stirrer
spacer Magnetic stir bars
Connectors and Adaptors Cell Lids and Stoppers
spacer Universal single-ended connectors
spacer Universal adaptors, screw fitting to flexible tubing
spacer Fittings for TC external Quartz threads
spacer Varian C50 Dissolution connector spares kit
spacer Varian C100 Dissolution connector spares kit
spacer Dissolution Cell interconnection Kit
spacer Funnels
spacer Cell lids
Caps, closed & septum
Spectrophotometer Cells Fluorimeter Cells Disposable Cells Accessories Other Cell Configurations Fluorescence Referance materials
UV/Vis Reference materials Photon Hollow cathode & Deuterium Lamps
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